Getting Published Step 2: Revising your Novel


After you’re finished with your first draft, you’re ready to move into the second step of the process – revising. Now it’s time to get some feedback. Here are some tips to help you revise and perfect your manuscript so it’s ready for prime time: submitting to agents.

Start by revising on your own

  • Read through the full manuscript on your own and keep notes on the things that jump out at you that need to be fixed. Once you’re finished, go back through your notes and make the necessary changes
  • Get a copy of SELF EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS by Rennie Browne and Dave King

Then, have others give you notes

  • Join a local writers group or critique group. is a good place to start.  Just search “writing” in your city.
  • Check out online writer’s groups such as Scribophile and WritersCafe
  • Google “writers group” with the name of your city to find more results

Be sure to get objective notes from at least 3 people

  • Give them a list of questions up front so they’ll know what to look for. A simple “I thought it was great” is not the kind of feedback you’re looking for at this stage. You need help finding and fixing any specific problems before you start sending your manuscript to agents.
  • Keep an eye out for similar themes in the critiques coming from two or all three of your reviewers. These are the things that probably need fixing before you start submitting to agents.

Your dream of publishing your novel is within reach! Check out this video to learn how The Complete Guide to Getting Published can help you revise your novel and get it ready to send to agents!