Getting Published Step 4: Submitting to Publishers


Once you’ve signed with an agent, your agent will then submit your book to editors at publishing houses and try to get you a sale. Here’s an overview of how the publisher submission process works.

  • After signing with your agent, she will probably ask you to revise your manuscript based on her notes.
  • Once your agent believes your manuscript is in “sellable” shape, she will create a submission list of editors and publishing houses that she believes are looking for books like yours.
  • Your agent will then query those editors and send your manuscript to them.
  • You’ll wait while the editors read and show the manuscript to other important people within the publishing house
  • Some editors may want to speak with you on the phone, or ask you questions about the book.
  • Hopefully then, you’ll receive your first offer!
  • If an offer is made, your agent will contact any editors that haven’t yet responded to let them know that an offer has been made.
  • If other editors are interested in acquiring the book, you’ll enter into an auction or bidding war and your manuscript will be sold to the editor with the best offer.
  • If, after the first offer is made, no other editors are interested, your agent will advise you as to whether or not to accept the offer you received.
  • If no offers are made on your manuscript, your agent will discuss options for moving forward which may or may not include: revising your manuscript again, approaching additional editors, or possibly starting on a new project.
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